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If you’re looking for an explanation as to what is included in social media management packages, then just think of us as a virtual employee. We take control of your social media channels by curating relevant stories to your industry, these are then shared at peak times for the best response. We can also write new content or blogs on your behalf, and even engage the consumer. This gives the impressions that you do indeed have your own dedicated staff member looking after your online presence.

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What does it take to manage social media


Develop a Social Media Strategy

First off, what is your goal or purpose, Before you start posting away like a crazy purpose have a set social media strategy in place, know who your target market is, how often you need to be posting, and know what your goal is, be it  “New Leads” Building consumer confidence. “Online Sales. Put these into a document so you can setup the rest of your plan.


Create a Monthly Calendar

Instead of posting on an ad-hoc basis, you should create a monthly posting plan. Each network has higher viewership during different hours. Ensure your posts are consistent in information, yet targeted for best impact. double and Triple check your content for spelling and grammar issues before releasing them.


Respond to Comments.

always ensure that you respond to comments and questions from your followers or potential customers. You can have a set of pre-written responses which you can use for this purpose if you like, however, we always recommend that you should personalise your messages in some way by including their name or question.


Manage your Followers

Keeping track of your followers can be an arduous task indeed, however, you could look into twitter lists and start by categorising them for an e.g list of customers, thought leaders, industry news, bloggers that are influential and people from your local area. That way you can easily monitor them and engage when you see fit.


Create a Monthly Report

Ensure that your strategy is on track with the help of monthly reporting for your campaigns and efforts. This is an opportunity to reflect on the previous statistics and plan for more material which received a higher rate of interaction. Managers love reports, and if you can prove that you are on an upward trend, then your work has been effective.


Create Branding Synergy

Review the branding of your social media platforms. Ensure that your header images and that your profile images are consistent throughout all of your networks. If you are using a corporate Identity – try and incorporate your accepted fonts and colours as much as possible in your feeds.


Schedule Posts in Advance

Instead of sitting around each day and waiting for the right moment to get you social media post out into the wild, rather use a management tool, such as Brandified. where you can plan your posts in advance, schedule them for the days and hours you wish to release them or repost, then just sit back and monitor the results.


Listen to Converstaions

In addition to responding to comments/messages that have been sent to your profiles or channels, you should also be listening to what people saying about you, or discussing in conversation. Search for keywords and # tags related to your brand or product. There are many online platforms that can assist you with this task.


Competitions & Advertsiing

Running competitions may not fit every brand or product, however, they do help with engagement. Look into something you can offer in return for an action or a share. Page reach is not what it used to be with only a small portion of viewers seeing your posts. You may want to look into small paid campaigns which are targeted to the right people.


Keep in touch with News and Trends

Social Media and changes in the industry are very fast moving, you should be listening and following leaders in technology to see what consumer trends are, in addition, consumer trends change and you should be in the know to ensure that your content is relevant to not only your current target market but your future target market.



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