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We recommend at least 6 Months dependent on the amount of competition for the keyword (Keyphrases) you select for your website.


In short, Search engine optimization or SEO is the process taken to ensure that Google see’s your website or information as “Valued Information” or “Relevant” This is achieved with both “On-Page Optimization” meaning that both code and content of the information of your page, contains the correct amount of information, graphics and is error free. Taking performance into account to. This is then mixed with “Off-Page Optimization” meaning – ensuring that your website is registered in relevant directories or listed on blgs which speak to your product or service. The Result – Get Higher Google Search Engine Rankings


“Depending on the amount of competition for your selected word, we recommend 3-9 Months to rank in google organically”


Where copy and Search Engine Optimisation combine.

Keyword Phrase

Before you write that interesting blog, or layout your website copy, decide on your keywords or keyphrases that you wish to focus on. Using words that people would use in search engines such as google, bing & Yahoo. Remember to factor in your location when writing your copy. This will add to your local On-Page SEO.

Page Title

Your SEO Keyword or Keyphrase should most definitely form part of your page title, and therefore a very important consideration when writing or designing your web pages. There are a number of articles on how to write a good headline which you can investigate and learn from. A good Copywriter would already know this.


Search Engine Spiders (the term for Search Engine Indexing) see headings such as H1 and H2 as tags for relevance to your keywords in your content. Try and use at least one of each in an article or page. Be sure not to “over do it”. Google is not fond of keyword stuffing, rather have more pages & fewer keywords.


Links also receive a higher importance value from search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. Copywriters need to keep this in mind when writing your content. Be sure to include at least one external link to a source to verify your subject, in addition, ensure that your internal page linking is in place for SEO purposes. Try not to link to your competition or low ranking websites either, as this can influence your ranking.

Page Url

Depending on the CMS system that you are using, or how your website was developed, you generally only get one shot at your page URL. You would want to ensure that your page URLs are written once again with emphasis on your keywords & location. If re-writing your Page Url be sure to use a 301|401 Redirect for your old URL.

Meta Description

The meta description is a short excerpt that describes your page content or put simply what your page is about. This is also what Google will reflect in the search engine results page (SERP) Not only should your page title include your important keywords, but once again in the meta description, you should be talking to your words or topic.

Page Copy

Search engines preferably want content that captivates its viewers and should be informative. So when writing for the main content area, write for the user and not the search engine. Write engaging and useful content that will make users interact with your blog | product or brand. Keep your keywords in mind but don’t over do it!

ALT text

You may have noticed when uploading images in a CMS such as WordPress that not only can you title an image but also give it an Alt title, this Alt title is used by Search Engines to determine the type of image (Or subject of) Google assume that if you are talking about a subject that you would also include Images or graphics to make the subject more stimulating. Be sure to add these when you create your content.



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